Theorhetical Orange Box Release:ETA 8 hoursTheorhetical Orange Box Release:ETA 8 hours

Valve is set to release The Orange Box in 8 hours.

Now, we’ve only played Team Fortress 2 so far, like everyone else in the beta. And that alone to me makes it worth it. We’ll have a full review up in a few days after the official release, but the beta has been an absolute blast, and gets better every day. Valve’s rapid patching, improvement of balance, and elimination of any exploits has been amazing.

Honestly, I’ve enjoyed TF2 more than any other multiplayer focused game. More than the BF games, more than Quake Wars, and yes, more than Counter-Strike or Halo 3.

While the full review is going to include HL2:Ep 2 and Portal(which are pretty sure bets), I feel I can safely say that TF2 alone is worth the price of admission. If you’re not so sure, there’s always the standalone for 30 dollars, which is absolutely worth it.

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